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We execute these assessments currently for EMC arrays – Symmetrix, CLARiiONs, Celerra. Also for Hitachi USP-V and IBM DS8300 & SVC. We have a roadmap for extending to other leading Storage arrays from EMC,  Hitachi, IBM, Sun and HP. In terms of customers, we have on-going/executed projects with large customers like ADP, Bank of New York, Medco Solutions, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs.

Interscape team also known as the “The Performance People” with expertise in systems and storage technology has been providing in-depth performance and capacity planning services since 2003.


Interscape’s Perfonics™ enabled “Performance As A Service™” are delivered as part of PAAS-PCS engagement on ad-hoc or recurring basis.
We are also getting ready to announce a Perfonics™ Lite version, which will allow small to medium size infrastructure users to perform performance analysis on systems and storage on their own, using a cloud model.


Performance As A Service

Our Technical Assessment Services for storage performance analyzes storage arrays and provides metrics that will enable Customers to  

  • Understand performance of storage assets and its impact to applications by assessing, correcting and streamlining IO throughput for better SLA & end-user experience
  • Allocate storage resources based on integrated Performance & Capacity views for best optimization to leverage all storage resources in a balanced mode
  • Trend for future capacity and performance projections across storage arrays
  • Accelerate troubleshooting of host level application issues with detailed visibility into back-end storage devices

Interscape has been actively engaged with several storage performance analysis projects. We can help you and your customers with

  • Performance Assessment across storage tiers (one-time analysis, Quarterly Analysis & Trending or Monthly Analysis (12 month tracking & trending))
  • Application Performance Profiling for Tiering recommendations (RAID Level)
  • Bandwidth Analysis for SRDF/A, MirrorView, SANCopy etc
  • SAN Consolidation Analysis
  • Performance based Data Migration Planning with source to target device level plan
  • Performance Troubleshooting


Our team has developed a niche in providing Performance analysis and Capacity Planning for the Systems and Storage Area Networks. We have developed a tool called Perfonics™ that enables us to provide value-added performance assessments with quick turn-around of enterprise assessment projects in an efficient and time bound manner. Perfonics works with performance data from Storage and Systems for example, Work Load Analyzer, EMC Grabs, Hitachi Tuning Manager, Hitachi Configuration Data, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM SVC data, IO Stat, SAR, Perfmon etc. to provide an end-to-end performance view. Our assessment reports provide both a high level dashboard view for senior management and a detailed view for the technical staff.


We execute these assessments currently for


  • EMC arrays – Symmetrix DMX, VMAX, CLARiiONS and Celerra
  • Hitachi arrays – USP-V
  • IBM Arrays – DS8300, SVC
  • Cisco SAN Switches – 9509, 9513
  • New platforms can be added on request based on customer requirements.  


We have on-going/executed projects with large customers like ADP, Bank of New York, Medco Solutions, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs.


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