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What We Do

Capacity Planning As A Service™

We execute these assessments currently for EMC arrays – Symmetrix, CLARiiONs, Celerra. Also for Hitachi USP-V and IBM DS8300 & SVC. We have a roadmap for extending to other leading Storage arrays from EMC,  Hitachi, IBM, Sun and HP. In terms of customers, we have on-going/executed projects with large customers like ADP, Bank of New York, Medco Solutions, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs.

Capacity Planning As A Service™ provides a very in-depth visibility of the multi-vendor storage infrastructure in a very painless and hands-off manner..

  • Analyze historical and  current storage capacity allocations and utilizations
    • Application Level
    • Server Level
    • Storage Array Level
  • Calculate storage utilization growth rates based on  historical trends at each level
  • Project storage growth rates into future to identify gaps in current availability
  • Recommend storage procurement at the right time to minimize unnecessary expense
  • Visualize end to end storage usage from perspective of
    • Raw vs. Usable
    • Installed vs. allocated
    • Over-subscription vs. actual consumed (thin provisioning)
    • De-duplication acheived (if available)
    • Compression achieved (if available)
    • Orphan storage that can be reclaimed for re-use

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