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About Interscape

Our Mission
Interscape strives to provide its clients with proactive approach to Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis using in-house tool called as Perfonics™, which help clients understand their application performance profiles and maximize resource utilizations across storage infrastructure thus lowering their total cost.

Interscape Technologies is a niche service provider in the area of Performance analysis, Performance Troubleshooting, Consolidation Planning, Migration Planning and Capacity Planning and Trending for Systems and Storage Area Networks. From its inception in 1997 to now, Interscape team has developed extensive experience in Storage & Systems Performance area and has been providing its customers with much needed expertise. We can provide a unique insight into your IT infrastructure utilizations. Our services enable you to optimize resources, maintain information availability, and maximize ROI.


Interscape leverages its in house developed software called Perfonics™ to provide its Fortune 500 customers with services such as Baseline Performance Analysis, Performance Troubleshooting, Application Tiering Analysis, RAID-5 Performance Load Analysis, Replication Bandwidth Analysis (SRDF, SRDF/A, SANCopy, MirrorView, etc.).


Our Performance Consulting Services (PCS) offers a level of insight not available today in a standard toolset. Our assessments have helped our Fortune 500 customers allocate storage resources based on integrated Performance and Capacity views for best optimization to leverage all storage resources in balanced mode.


Interscape offers the following PCS services,

  • Performance Analysis of Enterprise Storage systems
  • EMC Symmetrix, Clariion, Centera
  • OS Performance Analysis for Enterprise Installation Base
  • Solaris, Linux, AIX, Windows
  • Application Tiering Analysis
  • Performance Profiling for Tiering Recommendations (Reclaim usable storage)
  • Best fit RAID level analysis (Ex. RAID 1 Vs RAID 5, RAID 5 Vs RAID 6)
  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • DR Replication for arrays and Data Centers (SRDF, SANCopy, Mirrorview etc.)
  • SAN Consolidation Planning
  • Data Migration Planning
  • Detailed migration plans for source to target planning


We have offices in New Jersey(US) and New Delhi (India)


Interscape Technologies is EMC, Hitachi & Nexenta partner. Our clientele includes major Wall Street financial companies. Interscape services can be offered anywhere with the help of our SaaS based model that provides seamless communication mechanisms to upload performance and configuration data with quick turnaround time to provide PDF, CSV or Dash-boarding of the reports through a customer specific portal.